Why Galaxy

We revel in
reaching further.

To most, a galaxy is a dazzling system of stars. To us, it is a system of people, processes, and ideals devoted to the wholehearted pursuit of adventure and service—of reaching beyond. This is the Galaxy within our grasp—the one we never stop striving to make the trademark of travel, the hallmark of hospitality. A team with our head in the clouds, and our eyes on the sky—but also right here, every day, on the ground. For you.

Every call answered.
An attitude of Absolutely.

The numbers right.
The next leg fueled.

The surface gleaming.
The wrinkles smoothed.

Every moment marshaled.
And checked again.

Empathy and anticipation.
Essentials as little as they are big.

A person within our walls you know you can count on—and then some.

Because it is not our fuel you put your
faith in, but us.

Galaxy is trust at every turn.

And the joy of reaching further.
Thanks for making us a part of your journey.

Our commitments

How are we delivering the best experience for our clients—and more?


  • Stricter-than-standard fuel quality control
  • Top-tier certification and protocol requirements
  • Premier performance management system
  • Deeply ingrained culture of preparedness
  • Shared accountability, open-door support to speak up


  • Three accessible portals in Texas (KADS, KCXO, KHOU)
  • Purpose-built facilities with pilot and aircraft needs in mind
  • Best-in-class amenities for passengers and the crew
  • Lateral service mentality
  • Established vendor partnerships


  • An attitude of ‘absolutely
  • Expert attentiveness, anticipation of client needs and wishes
  • Shared passion for aviation and travel
  • Immense pride in the care provided, hunger to be the best


  • Above industry standard training protocols
  • Continuing education to stay up to date


  • Established in 2006 with steady growth, expansion and evolution
  • Backed by avid aviators at Black Forest Ventures
  • Seasoned executive team