Welcome to Galaxy: Fixed Base Operations at KADS, KCXO, KHOU

Trust at every turn.

Galaxy FBO is a premier fixed base operator and experience coordinator for general aviation clients, providing to-the-moment service and accommodations for travelers at every turn.

With certainty and a smile, we meet and anticipate a wealth of diverse needs ranging from the requirements of refueling to the logistics of limousines—and we welcome any and every ask without hesitation.

By establishing genuine relationships and empowering our team to assure safety and seamlessness across all operations, we offer everyone who lands at Galaxy—passenger, pilot, and personnel—a culture of confidence and an exceptional place to embark anew.

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What inspires us to fly?

Maybe our drive to fly is as invisible as the air under our wings.

Maybe it’s about expanding the human experience, to push the boundaries of what we see as possible.

Maybe it’s the fact that when objects on the ground get smaller, our world seems so much bigger.

Or maybe, some people’s hearts simply live in the sky.

It may all be beyond reason, but we reach for it nonetheless. Because—like our clients—we revel in reaching further.

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