CE-500 Type Rating Training at Galaxy FBO

Florida Flight Center is offering one-on-one personalized Citation 500 (CE-500) Type Rating instruction at Galaxy FBO between June 23rd and 27th.

The CE-500 Initial Type Rating adds a CE-500 Type Rating to a pilot’s existing certificate. This allows the holder to act as pilot in command of all Citation 500 series aircraft. The Florida Flight Center course consists of a comprehensive ground school, flight training and prep for the oral and practical test. Tasks to be demonstrated are defined in the ATP Type Rating Practical Test Standards for multi engine airplanes. At the bottom of this page, you can view a curriculum outline of the ground school and flight training.

All flight training is conducted in your own aircraft. As everyone has their Citation 500 set up the way they like it, training in your own aircraft will prepare you to fly your specific setup and achieve mastery of your aircraft.

Courses offered at Galaxy FBO – June 23rd – 27th:

  • CE-500 Type Rating
  • CE-500 Recurrent Training
  • CE-500 SIC Type Rating
  • CE-500 Single Pilot Exemption Initial
  • CE-500 Single Pilot Exemption Recurrent

Aircraft Types Covered by this Type Rating:

  • Citation I CE-500
  • Citation I/SP CE-501
  • Citation II CE-550
  • Citation S-II CE-550
  • Citation Bravo CE-550
  • Citation V CE-560
  • Citation Ultra CE-560
  • Citation Encore CE-560

For more information on Florida Flight Center and to sign up for the upcoming CE-500 Type Rating Course at Galaxy FBO, please visit floridaflightcenter.com/ce-500-training