FAASTeam Seminar: Oil Analysis – Do You Understand What Your Engine is Telling You?

Oil and oil filter analysis are integral parts of any aircraft maintenance program, come learn the how and why of it.

Galaxy FBO is hosting a special seminar with AvLab – Aviation Laboratories as a part of the FAASTeam FAA Safety Program at the Conroe North Houston Regional Airport (CXO). The presentation will highlight how aviation oil and oil filter analysis is done, and show how proper oil analysis can help determine premature engine wear.

  • Date: Saturday, February 18, 2023
  • Time: 10:00 CST
  • Where: Galaxy FBO at CXO Airport
  • Speaker(s): Wayne Odegard & the AvLab Team
  • Registration: Click here to register

As the educational outreach arm of the FAA, the FAASTeam is committed to serving the General Aviation community, and making our skies even safer. The FAASTeam sponsors thousands of aviation safety seminars and webinars throughout the country each year. These interesting and informative seminars and webinars include a variety of important safety topics designed to reduce risk and increase the level of safety in aviation operations. For more information on FAASTeam, visit faasafety.gov

Checking the Dipstick

There’s a lot more to checking the engine’s oil dipstick properly than just making sure that the oil level is above the minimum-for-flight level listed in the POH. Visit aopa.org to view this article.