‘Flight For Life’ – Operation Pets Alive

Operation Pets Alive, Cloud Nine Rescue Flights & the Montgomery County Animal Rescue recently partnered up to fly 41 puppies from Galaxy FBO to The Northeast Animal Rescue in Salem, Massachusetts. These events are organized to transport healthy animals from overpopulated shelters in Southern states to areas with more available resources to take care of them.

Check out this link on New England Cable News story:


All flights are dependent on donations and volunteers, not a simple task as each flight costs an average of $2,500. All 41 pups were transported and are now up for adoption. Unfortunately the Lone Star State has a serious stray problem and these pups have greatly increased their chances of being adopted, hopefully within a week of arriving in their new shelter.

These lucky pups were loaded up at Galaxy FBO, but not before receiving love and cuddles from the volunteers of Operation Pets Alive. We at Galaxy FBO, are privileged to be able to accommodate such a worthy cause and we look forward to helping more of these adorable animals in the future. To follow these events and donate towards this worthy cause click here: