New Art on Display from Acclaimed Local Artists

Galaxy FBO proud to have new artwork on display from three acclaimed local artists.

Galaxy Art

Sue Burke Harrington



“My current body of work is a reflection on our changing environment, and the powerful forces of nature. The tension in the air, as storms approach, creates an eerie moment in time, when all hangs in a fragile balance or the surf as it hits the rocks along the beach all have such energy. Even the tranquil moments of the sunset or a sparking pond find their way onto my canvases. That awesome beauty with amazing colors, textures, and energy has inspired my art works. Once I begin the process, I am guided by a stream of consciousness that often takes my work in unexpected directions. The process of creating becomes a guide in itself. I love to experiment, try new things and ideas. I always have a new idea churning in my mind. I work in layers with glazes, mediums, acrylic paints and found objects until I create a finished piece that is intended to open a communication with the viewer and the artist. It is my offering to you to enjoy.”

Rosanne Hudson



“When I have my paintbrush in hand, the strokes are usually fast and furious. Then the time for refinement comes, and edges are softened, lines are added as the last element of the collage or painting. Some paintings stand alone, some have paper and found objects added, then it becomes the collage. I do block out areas on the canvas, applying mediums that are used for the textures. They are a hallmark of my work. In the end they never exactly follow the parameters that have been set forth by pencil marks and boundaries. The texture determines the feel of the painting. Sometimes “things” are imbedded in the texture; sometimes the textures are meshes, construction materials or printer’s stamps. If there is no texture, paint only, then the brush strokes determine in what direction the painting is going. The process is my creativity. The happy accidents that befall it along the way are my inspiration. I love to paint for the experience alone. The satisfaction comes not from the sale, but from the inner feeling I get when I know that I have created a piece of art that has content and meaning. The complement is there when a piece is sold, but the true
fulfillment comes when the piece is completed and I am pleased with the outcome.”

Annette Palmer



“I am fascinated by line, form and texture and enjoy using contrasting surfaces in different media. I enjoy the challenge of merging abstract and realistic, past and present, my work tends to be somewhat reflective, working with many different subjects – figurative, abstract, land and sea ‘scapes, which are steeped in memory and change. My BA hons degree in art and design is from Edinburgh College of Art in Scotland. I have travelled and lived far from home for many years, as well as having exhibited and sold my work globally, I also previously established my own fashion label in the Far East. I currently reside in The Woodlands, Texas.”

The artwork is displayed at our lobby and the Wing Aviation VIP lounge at our Lone Star Executive Airport facility. Visit us to view these exclusive paintings.