Stronger Together

Join us as we support The Carey Foundation during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

We reached and exceeded our fundraising goals to help The Carey Foundation during the Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Thank you for all who helped us reach our donation goal!

Breast Cancer is something that unfortunately 1 in 8 U.S. women will develop over the course of her lifetime. It is the most diagnosed cancer among women in the U.S.; however, when detected, diagnosed, and treated in its early stages, there is a 98% survival rate. This disease is something almost all of us can connect to unfortunately, but working together we will raise funds to advance research and support those affected.

Benefiting The Carey Foundation

When Linda Carey was diagnosed with breast cancer, she and her husband Bob Carey had no idea that their biggest worry wouldn’t just be her health. They were shocked by the expenses associated with the disease. They were also constantly worried about how they would keep their photography business afloat while Linda worked on her health. They were lucky enough to have insurance, but the out pocket expenses were staggering.

To deal with the stress of the situation, Bob turned to his trusted camera, and “Ballerina” was born. Bob staged these self-portraits in beautiful locations as a way to cheer them up; Linda carried the beautiful, yet quirky photographs to chemotherapy, and the other patients immediately thanked her for brightening their day. Bob and Linda knew they had something special, and The Tutu Project was born. They decided to dedicate the entire body of work to breast cancer patients and started the Carey Foundation in 2013 to help ease the financial burdens they experienced themselves. For more information, visit thetutuproject.networkforgood.com