‘Aikido’ Kinetic Sculpture Now On Display at Galaxy FBO Addison

 Aikido kinetic sculpture by David B. Hickman is now on display in front of the Galaxy FBO at Addison Airport across from Addison Circle Park. 

The Addison Arbor Foundation (AAF) completed its 20th public art installation earlier this year. Originally installed at a courtyard in the Addison Circle District, AAF restored and relocated local Dallas artist David B. Hickman‘s kinetic artwork. The sculpture was ‘re’installed by John Galletta of 2G Art Services with the assistance of the Town of Addison Parks Department. The 9′ by 6′ by 6’ kinetic wind-activated sculpture cast in bronze, glass and steel materials with two pieces representing Aikido martial arts.

The Addison Arbor Foundation (AAF) officially dedicated the Akido to the Town of Addison on Tuesday, December 12. 

Addison is home to more public art per capita than any other city in the U.S. For more information on Addison Arbor Foundation (AAF) and to help support their mission, please visit addisonarbor.org