Runway 14/32 Extension

It is official! The long awaited extension of runway 14/32 is completed. Numerous state and local dignitaries were on hand for the ribbon cutting on Monday, March 23rd. This long awaited construction is just the beginning to make Lone Star Executive, the airport of choice for Corporate Aviation in North Houston.

1,500 feet was added to Runway 14/32, extending the runway to 7,500 feet, making it possible for business jets to travel without weight restrictions during the summer months. With the extension, about 75 percent of aircraft are able to takeoff with 90 percent of their weight load capacity. With the former 6,000 foot runway, some aircraft may have been restricted to 60 percent of their weight load. The addition of customs and immigration will also begin soon & the runway extension has been crucial for this new facility.

Here at Galaxy FBO we are excited to be a part of this major advancement & we look forward to the future in domestic & international travel to Lone Star Executive Airport.

Ribbon Cutting Fly over