Flight Experience in the ‘Goodtime Gal’

Experience a part of history by booking a flight experience in ‘Goodtime Gal’ a Lockheed
C-60A. Built specifically for military service, the C-60A was the original ‘Lodestar’. Carrying the name and nose art ‘Goodtime Gal’, the C-60A was acquired by and assigned to the Houston Wing of the Commemorative Air Force. She was built in 1943 and configured as a paratroop transporter, complete with jump lights and a static line hookup.

‘Goodtime Gal’ will be doing 30 minute flight tours departing from Galaxy FBO on Sunday, March 29th, 10am to 1pm for $245 per person. Don’t miss your chance to experience this one-of-a-kind vintage military aircraft in person.

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