Air Elite Network Cutting Edge Diamond Member

Galaxy FBO at KCXO recently recognized as one of Air Elite Network’s Cutting-Edge Diamond Member.

We have achieved this accolade by embodying and exemplifying the Air Elite Network philosophy, with our dedication to service excellence. Among 70+ locations worldwide, only five fixed base operations made this exclusive list this year; including the Alliance Aviation Services (KAFW), Fast Air Jet Centre (CYWG), Harrods Aviation (EGGW & EGSS) as well as Hill Aircraft (KFTY). Galaxy FBO hosted the Air Elite Network team on March 9th & 10th for a two day comprehensive Customer Service Training.

Our FBO Experience Manager, Cory Merryman was also recognized as one of the ‘Key Communicators’ by the Air Elite Network.

Air Elite® is a global network of uniquely exceptional FBOs. The premier network of Diamond Service locations is strategically positioned around the world. Air Elite Network has grown to over 70 exceptional diamond service FBOs worldwide since it was established in 2011. Each FBO member must meet a number of airport, facility and service quality standards to qualify for membership. To view member locations, please visit www.airelitenetwork.com