Galaxy FBO Recognized as a top Air Elite Diamond location

Galaxy FBO was named one of top Air Elite Diamond locations in North America Galaxy FBO was audited by the Air Elite program back on April 2018. Based on the annual audit, Galaxy FBO was name one of the top three scoring FBOs in North America among the Air Elite Diamond program participants.

North America

1st Place: Alliance Aviation Services (KAFW)

2nd Place: Concord Regional Airport (KJQF)

3rd Place: Galaxy FBO (KCXO)

Air Elite® is a global network of uniquely exceptional FBOs. The premier network of Diamond Service locations is strategically positioned around the world. Air Elite Network has grown to over 60 exceptional diamond service FBOs worldwide since it was established in 2011. Each FBO member must meet a number of airport, facility and service quality standards to qualify for membership. To view member locations, please visit www.airelitenetwork.com